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Needle Keep Cipher or Initial by The Floss Queen

NeedleKeep open
NeedleKeep open
Price: $23.00
    Initial Style & Letter (optional)
    Cipher Narrow Letter (optional) Max: 1 character(s)
    Cipher Wide Letter (optional) Max: 1 character(s)


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    Acrylic needle keeps in 3 shapes (oval, round and square) swivel open and keep your needles in the wool felt - decorative and functional.

    These are designed and made by Cathe, aka The Floss Queen on her laser. They can be customized - contact us with your request.

    You can select the style and color of acrylic for your needle keep. At the present time Cathe is making them in Ivory Pearl, White Pearl, Blue Pearl and Copper Pearl.

    You can select either a two letter cipher on the front (see Cipher Options tab) or a single Initial (see Alphabets tab).

    The needle Keep is made with 2 layers of wool felt (35% wool/65% polyester) in between the acrylic layers, and is held together by a Chicago screw. The needle keep swivels for access to the pages.

    This works best for Needles, not pins since the pin heads won’t clear the acrylic layer.

    Your cipher is made up of two letters, usually your first and last name, which interlock. The cipher alphabet used has a wide letter and narrow letter, 1 of each per cipher. You will need to indicate which letter you want for the WIDE letter and which for the NARROW.

    As you’ll see below, it makes a difference on how the cipher looks. While we’ve used the AB combination for the example, also included is a photo with Cathe's cipher of CR. In this case she chose a Wide R and Narrow C.

    Amelia style

    Ornamental Style

    Fancy Style

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