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HATS Sarah Rinder

Price: $36.00


    Limited edition exclusive for Needle In A Haystack 25th Anniversary

    Chart only orders to UK, Europe, Canada, Australia & NZ will be shipped from UK (read description below for cost for how we adjust it)

    Kit orders and chart only orders elsewhere will be shipped from Needle In A Haystack. 

    Complimentary Miss Minnie McBean Frippery for full kit orders of chart, threads and fabric if ordered by 4/1/23.

    Model was stitched on 46 count Lakeside Linens Vintage Maple Sugar in Soie 100/3

    Frosted Teal Acrylic accessories (threadkeep, fob and needle minder) are available by The Floss Queen

    We have partnered with Hands Across the Seas Samplers to celebrate our 25th shop anniversary in 2023 and are so pleased to bring you Sarah Rinder 1841 as a shop exclusive. The birds in the birdbath seem like they are having an exceptionally fun time and we hope you'll have fun stitching Sarah.

    Sarah's model was stitched on 46 count Lakeside Linen Vintage Maple Sugar with Soie 100/3. We will be offering that color as well as Legacy Linen in a solid color for your stitching choices. Threads available are DMC, Soie d'Alger, Soie 100/3 and Soie Surfine.

    Sarah is cross-stitch over-two for most of the design with the wording cross-stitch over-one. There are no specialty stitches in Sarah's sampler.

    We are doing Sarah as a year long Stitch-a-long (SAL) with Cheri Eddington leading our SAL. You can join our Facebook group for the Sarah Rinder SAL.

    The charts are only available from NIAH as this is an limited edition exclusive for our 25th anniversary. When you purchase a chart you will also receive a PDF copy of the main chart as a single page. It is not available as just a PDF. We know that many stitchers prefer to stitch from a mobile device so you can stitch either from the physical chart or the PDF. We recommend you create a login when you check out if you have not purchased from us before so that your PDF link is easily accessible.

    For those who are in the UK, Canada, Europe, AUS & NZ, if you are ordering just a chart Nicola will ship them for us from the UK to save on shipping charges. We will adjust the shipping once we receive the order to what the charge will be for Nicola shipping the chart only. So you can ignore what the catalog will add at the time the order is placed. It will be adjusted to these costs.

    • UK - $3.50
    • Europe - $5.95
    • Canada - $7.75
    • Australia & New Zealand $9.25

    All kits will ship from NIAH (we are located near San Francisco, CA). We plan to ship in April, May & June as we are able to secure our supplies.  For those ordering a full kit (chart, threads & fabric) before April 1, 2023 we will include a special limited edition Miss Minnie McBean's Fripperie in your kit!

    We also have available 3 Frosted Teal Acrylic accessories from The Floss Queen (Cathe) in a Dove shape to go with the project. You an order a fob, needleminder, threadkeep or the whole set. You'll find them in Related Items below.

    Remember, we do not charge for orders until we ship them. If you are wanting to pay via PayPal we will send you a request for payment when the order is ready to ship. So if you need to change something after your initial order and before we shipped, just let us know.

    The design area is 273 stitches (w) x 255 stitches (h). Our calculations have included a 3″ margin for finishing and framing, except where noted.

    You can find our fabric options listed in the Legacy and Lakeside Fabric Options tabs below.

    Thread options are DMC, Soie d'Alger, Soie 100/3 and Soie Surfine. This is a list of what thread works best on each count. Your personal preference may be different so go with what you like best for coverage. You will find stitched samples of each thread in the tabs for Legacy and Lakeside. For details on each sample you can see the write up for each in our  Facebook SAl group.

    28, 30, 32, 36 & 40 count - DMC, Soie d'Alger

    36, 38, 40 count - Soie d'Alger or Soie 100/3

    46 count - Soie 100/3

    55 & 52/60 count - Soie Surfine

    We will publish the thread lists after we ship supplies in April/May. Until then we are keeping them under wraps.

    DMC Floss on 30 count Swiss Cocoa

    Soie d'Alger on 38 count Filbert
    Soie 100/3 on 38 count Filbert Soie Surfine on 45 count Nightingale

    Fabric size & cut size for Legacy Linens:

    30ct (Swiss Cocoa) ~ Design: 18.6" x 17.3" ″ Fabric: 24.6″ x 23″ - cut size Custom Cut (24x24) - 2.5in margin on one side

    38ct (Filbert) ~ Design: 14.75" x 13.75" ″ Fabric: 21″ x 19.75″ - cut size Custom Cut (24x24)

    45ct (Nightingale)~ Design: 12.5" x 11.5" ″ Fabric: 18.5″ x 17.5″ - cut size Stitcher's Eighth (18x17.75) - 2.75in margin on one side

    52/60ct (Waffle Cone)~ Design: 11" x 8.5" ″ Fabric: 17″ x 14.5″ - cut size Custom Cut (18x19.5)

    The design area is 273 stitches (w) x 255 stitches (h). Our calculations have included a 3″ margin for finishing and framing, except where noted.

    You can find our fabric suggestions on the Fabric Options tab and some are in Related Items below.

    The stitched samples below were done on white or antique white just for the sample. 

    Fabric size & cut size for Lakeside Linens:

    28ct ~ Design: 19.5" x 18" ″ Fabric: 25.5″ x 24″ - cut size Custom Cut (27x24)

    32ct ~ Design: 17" x 16″ Fabric: 23" x 22″ - cut size Custom Cut (27x24)

    36ct ~ Design: 15" x14″ Fabric: 21 x 20″ - cut size Custom Cut (27x24)

    40ct ~ Design: 13.7" x 12.8" Fabric: 20" x 19"″ - cut size Stitcher's Quarter (18x27) - 2.5" margin on one direction

    46ct ~ Design: 12″ x 11" Fabric: 18″ x 17″ - cut size Custom Cut (19x18)

    55ct ~ Design: 10" x 9″ Fabric: 16″ x 15″ - cut size Stitcher's Eighth (17.75x18)

    52/60ct - Design: 11" x 10" Fabric: 17" x 16" - cut size Custom Cut (18x18)

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