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Wood Engraved Needlebook

Keep Calm
Keep Calm
Keep Calm
Money can't buy...
Queen of the Needles
Queen of Everything
King of the Needles
Wood Engraved Needlebook - TFQ-NeedleBook/B/Keep
Wood Engraved Needlebook - TFQ-NeedleBook/B/Keep
Wood Engraved Needlebook - TFQ-NeedleBook/B/Keep
Price: $25.00
    For Initial cover, please indicate letter. (optional) Max: 1 character(s)
    For initial cover, if you want a “name” Needles on the front vs. “My Needles” indicate name. / add $5.00(optional)
    If you want an inital on the back, indicate which alphabet type and letter / add $8.00(optional)
    If you want a single name on the back, please include the name. / add $5.00(optional)
    If you want a full name on the back, please include the first, middle and last name. / add $8.00(optional)

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    Designed by Cathe (aka The Floss Queen) and made on her laser, this needlebook (3"x4") has some fun engraved sayings on the front and 2 full pages (4 sections) for you to put needles or pins into.

    The spine of the needlebook is called a Living Hinge and it allows the wood to flex so you can open and close the book. The wood is steamed to help it remember how to closed (you can always just put a slight weight on it if it forgets).

    The pages are wool felt (35% wool/65% poly) and are held in placed by a ribbon.

    This is a complete needlebook, you do not have to do any assembly, other than putting needles or pins into the pages.

    The wood colors vary as the dye used varies in tone. At present we are offering blue, red, purple and teal.

    Select your saying and color of wood. The wool felt inside will coordinate with the color of the wood.

    Sayings are Keep Calm and Stitch On, Money can't by happiness, but it can buy needles! and Queen of the Needles, King of the Needles and Queen of Everything!

    You can also order a  single initial with the saying "I cannot count my day complete 'Til needle thread and fabric meet." You can specify which of the initial styles you would like. If you want an initial, a first name or a full name on the back, you can specify that as well.

    You'll find photos of the full alphabets under the Alphabets tab. Photos of the colors in each style are on the Photos tab. And the photos of our dye colors are on the Swatches tab.

    Custom work is an option - contact us for details.

    If you want an Initial specify Amelia or Ornamental.





    Saying for Initial Needlebook is:

    "I cannot count my day complete til needle thread and fabric meet."

    Please note that the font of the quote might be different from what is in the photo.

    Amelia Initials

    Ornamental Initial

    Fancy Initial

    The wood is hand stained/dyed so each needlebook will be different. These are the general tones of the colors.







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