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Fiber Talk 2021 SAL - Rosewood Manor Spring Hill

Rosewood Manor Spring Hill
Rosewood Manor Spring Hill
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    Threads and fabric for the Fiber Talk 2021 SAL - Rosewood Manor Spring Hill, which we are sponsoring. We are currently putting supplies together for the kits and hope to ship at least some of them before the Christmas holiday begins. Pre-ordering now will help us get your kit to you for the January start. 

    Options are name for each Fiber Talk host and what they will be working on:

    Gary - Soie d'Alger (and 2 NPI) with 40 count Newcastle Cream

    * you'll notice there are two sets of purples and not a periwinkle and purple. The periwinkle range Sullivan's/DMC have doesn't exist in any silks. So Gary chose a different color combination with a red purple and blue purple for the flowers.

    If you would prefer blue and purple vs. purple and purple, please make a note in the comments. It won't be a periwinkle - it will be a blue.

    Jennifer - DMC with 37 count Legacy Russian Tea Cake

    Beth - Soie 100/3 with 45 count Graziano/Legacy Jersey Cream

     * in 100/3 we chose blue to substitute for the periwinkle.

    You can also order a kit with the Sullivan's floss and 32 count Belfast Cream. The design called for Antique Ivory, but it is in fact, darker than the photo of the chart, so most prefer a lighter color like cream.

    If you don't already own the chart, you can add that as part of the kit above, or it can be ordered on its own if you only need the chart (see Related Items below). You can also order just the threads.

    Design area is 198x258

    You can work this design in a number of fabric counts. If you wish to use a different fabric than what comes in your kit please contact us for options. You could even stitch this on Linen Aida, which is available in Antique White. Measurements below include a 3" margin on each side.

    • 28 count - 20x24.5
    • 32 count - 18x22
    • 36 count - 17x20
    • 37 count - 16.75x20
    • 38 count - 16.5x19.5
    • 40 count - 16x19
    • 45 count - 15x17.5
    • 55 count - 13.25x16

    If you only want the threads, you can order the thread pack and then order fabric separately.

    If you only need the chart, you can find it under Related Items below. If you want just the fabrics we are using and provide your own threads the are listed below:

    37 count Legacy Russian Tea Cake - you need a Stitcher's Quarter

    40 count Newcastle Cream - you need a Stitcher's Quarter

    45 count Legacy/Graziano Jersey Cream - you can get by with a Stitcher's Eighth, but a Stitcher's Quarter gives a much better margin

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