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Silk Samplings Kit #1

Silk Samplings Kit #1
Silk Samplings Kit #1
Price: $20.00


    Here's a fun way to try out some fine silk thread and fine count linen. The sampling includes:

    • Soie 100/3
    • Soie Surfine (130/2)
    • 40/46 count Bergen linen (~9x9)
    • 50/55 count Kingston linen (~9x9)
    • 53/63 count Legacy linen (~9x9)
    • Ultra Fine Needle Threader
    • #12 John James Beading needle (tapestry/blunt)
    • #10 Bohin Beading needle
    • #10 Bohin Big Eye Between needle

    Colors of thread and linen will vary.

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