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Pin Keep by The Floss Queen

Don't Touch My Coffee
Don't Touch My Coffee
Don't Touch My Coffee
Coffee pinkeep side view
Coffee pinkeep back view
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    Acrylic pinkeeps in a variety of shapes make a great stitching tool. Keep your pins or needles in the felt - decorative and functional.

    These are quick to assemble and make great gifts.

    These are designed and made by Cathe, aka The Floss Queen on her laser. They can be customized - contact us with your request.

    You can select the style and color of acrylic for your pinkeep. At the present time Cathe is making them in Ivory, Pearlescent, Purple, Garnet and Fluorescent Orange (for the Acorn).

    The kit includes the front and back pieces of acrylic, 3 layers of felt (35% wool/65% polyester), #26 Chenille needle, Soie 100/3 to match the acrylic and instructions for assembly. The acrylic has 1mm holes that will allow a #26 Chenille needle to pass through.

    You can purchase a clip to help you hold the pieces together while sewing. See Related Items below.

    Cathe has posted a video to our YouTube channel on the assembly as well. You'll get a copy of the instructions with your kit, but you can also find the PDF online, or you'll also find them on the Additional Information tab.

    You'll sew these together with essentially a double running stitch. Once you've threaded your needle find where you want to start and stop your thread, insert the needle and make sure you've got half of hanging. You only want to make the first pass with half the thread. Go around the pinkeep making every other stitch from front to back, back to front. When you reach the hanging thread, put it in the needle and either reverse course of fill in the remaining stitches (depends on whether there is an even or odd number of hole in the pinkeep).

    When you've reached the end tie a knot in the thread 2-3 times close to a hole. I recommend you put your needle in the hole and tie the knots around the needle. Then thread each end and pull it through to the other side. Tug a little so the knot gets buried in the wool felt. For extra security you can tie another knot on this side. Then snip close to the acrylic (being careful to not catch the thread you've sewn with).

    Now you have a completed pinkeep. Decorate with glass head pinks or needles, as you wish.

    Coffee - Garnet

    Coffee - Ivory

    Coffee - Purple

    Coffee - Pearl

    Tea Cup - Garnet

    Tea Cup - Ivory Tea Cup - Purple
    Tea Cup - Pearl

    Tea Pot - Garnet

    Tea Pot - Ivory

    Tea Pot - Purple Tea Pot - Pearl

    Scallop Round - Money - Garnet

    Scallop Round - Money - Ivory

    Scallop Round- Money - Purple Scallop Round - Money - Pearl

    Scallop Round - Pins - Garnet

    Scallop Round - Pins - Ivory

    Scallop Round - Pins - Purple

    Scallop Round - Pins - Pearl
    Scallop Round - Queen of the Needles - Pearl

    Scallop Round - Queen of the Needle - Ivory

    Oval Frills - Queen of the Needles - Pearl

    Round Frills - Queen of the Needle - Pearl

    Scallop Square - Garnet

    Scallop Square - Ivory

    Scallop Square - Money - Pearl

    Acorn - Orange Fluorescent

    Acorn - Ivory

    Round Frills - King of the Needles - Pearl

    Scallop Square - QOTN - Pearl

    Scallop Square - KOTN - Ivory
    Scallop Square - KOTN- Pearl

    These are photos of most of the currently available color and style combinations.

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